Dear a r t lovers, I´m in Berlinale 2020, presenting my new documentary ¨healthy4ever¨, check last post to DISCOVER the secret of a future already here to enlarge your life with the best quality!, top doctors, scientists and labs, guide us in this amazing journey!

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The word that really defines me is   C R E A T O R.
I believe ART is not just beauty and being nice but VIOLENCE&VISION, making the way you view the world known.
Here you can find out more about what I have been doing in the past and what I will be working on next.
 Latest NEWS about  F I L M I N G  MY FIRST PROJECT as FILMMAKER&MUSIC composer, a fiction based  on an original story, with an amazing team and technical support, still on stage of development.

richard-gerealejandra-silvacarmen-lazaro-2-6WILL SMITH CANNNES 2017We all know, there are different ways to focus a career as an actor/actress or filmmaker.

But these days,  a committed project about our global contradictions must be defended by those  who also speak from their humanitarian side.

This is what this film is about: A micro scale about the contemporary contradictions about moral values, citizen security, and the unknown faces of people ruling our planet destiny.

 I will start posting new stuff about the  writing process… the making of…  people involved…  how to survive in your very first time behind the camera. I hope LOS ANGELES  and  LONDON bring me the inspiration and strength to keep going to its final edition.
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Carmen Lazaro

healthy4ever THE DOCUMENTARY