Pianist and composer



My interest for music started when I was 5 years old, this is when I entered a choral and Conservatory, I gave my first piano concert at the age of 10.

Next literature is  just my Academy documentation, but the thing I appreciate the most about my career, is just the personal experience investigating and learning from creation, hours along discovering who is behind the notes and what is the story I want to tell through this Magic and Universal language,  M U s I c.

 I studied at the Conservatory of Burgos and Paris (Proffeseur Dalton Baldwin and Michel Beroff). From the very beginning I knew that improvisation, heart speak on real time, will be my definitive path, and so I do in concerts, through a minimal and contemporary technic.

My curiosity about acting lead me to study drama art at Corazza International Studio for the actor, and pretty soon, I was called for several auditions on films and TV. After three years working and studying same time, I decided to follow on music, focusing my energy in learning how to produce and record in my own studio, all about soundtracks and scoring for films.

For this purpose, I followed  a master of music for film with the participation of several  guests for lectures and practical classes, Carlos Saura, Roque Baños, Eduardo Armenteros, Manuel Villalta, Antonio Melibeo Etc..

At this time i started composing several soundtracks for Disney Channels, spanish version, CALLE 13, TV Series, films and theater.

In 2009 I received un International Music Award from the Ministry of Art in Madrid, producing a project (Red Horizons) in Wien and Berlin during a year. This CD was published in  2009.

 As to vocal technique and intonation classes, I have been part of a gospel choir named inside voices with Sheila Cuffy, I received Classes from Lidia Garcia (speech, vocal technique), Ines Rivadeneira (Sing and vocal technique), Jesus ​​Aladrén (voice and word). Recently I received voice craft classes (TOM BURKE, NY).

 I am currently still composing for films. TV, theatre and advertising.

As an storyteller I keep composing a new music project, focus on piano and voice, and also back to auditions as actress.

 HideMusic department (4 credits)
– 2009  Ingrid (composer: interstitials songs & music: another production from Carmen Lazaro) / (composer: theme music)
– 2002  La novia de Lázaro (composer: theme music) / (main title theme and original music by)
– 2014 HideComposer
   Cómo no se hizo (Short)
– 2013 Theater, “Inauguration” Vaclav Havel (music composer)