Everything started when I was 5 years old, studying piano, singing everywhere, and giving myself permission to imrprovise at any time over Bach, Shubert, Beethoven… at the age of 17th, I went to los Angeles, California, at that time I was already seduced by soundtracks,… visions through music as vehicle, rather than words.

It´s been a while learning to compose thorugh digital to analog and viceverse. Improvising most of the time as a private lenguage, showing emotional landscapes at real time. And that´s the reason why I decided to record and publish my improvisations… i call it EVANESCENCES SESSIONS, as I recall for art speaking at the time being… exclusive concerts, that i can´t repeat. It´s pretty much the soundtrack of life itself, since future is a fantasy and present is all we have. getting the emotion of the moment, connected with the simple now is what it makes sense to me.
I sometimes include prepared piano just to get different atmospheres and colors.

Apart of this special work, wich is my most secret passion, I compose music for theater, tv, movies, pub. The first track came as piano frames (2005) called “seda, satén, jabón y piel”, based on my own production and distribution among people that stopped by, friends etc…The second project is Red Horizons (2009), thanks to an INTERNATIONAL AWARD FROM Ayuntamiento de Madrid- Matadero, I was able to record in Berlin and Vienna for a year (Amazon, Itunes, Spotify), and it´s based on electronics, in wich I do play and sing most of the tracks, and it also includes collaborations with others producers, like DEADBEAT and EVIRGIN remixing. These days I´m working on my next project, piano textures and voices, … just doing my best creating structures and layers of sound, enjoying a lot my work and sharing it with you.

It´s my pleasure to have you around, feel home at LA HABITACION DEL PIANO (the piano room)
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http://www.facebook.com/carmenlazaromus – music

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